Monday, December 7, 2009

Still Life Stew

Last week I started a still life project with my first graders based around the book, Still Life Stew. Our lesson began by reading this story and noticing all the vegetables students recognized and the colors they saw. The first step of this 3 day project was watercolor painting each of the 4 sections of their folded paper using Analogous Colors. I wanted first graders to be able to locate Analogous Colors on the color wheel an to see how they are used. This step took students the rest of the class period to complete but they already knew that these watercolor paintings would later be used for the vegetables.
This week we will weave a basket. Weaving is a great lesson to help children understand under and over and patterning. However, plain ole weaving can look a little boring so I'm thrilled that I figured out to make the weavings into a basket shape. Check back to see some examples of this step later in the week.

If you would like my complete lesson, please post a comment and I'll get it out to you.