Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cake Boss in the ARt Room!

I like to celebrate just about everything. So its no big surprise that I honor our end of year with special projects for each grade level. This past week I just completed Parent ARt Day for Kindergartners and Tye Dye T-Shirt Days for First Grade. For second grade we celebrate by creating my version of Rainbow Cake! Here are a few images spotlighting the Rainbow Cake activity.

Kids read, measure, mix the ingrediants for the batter. We use a simple white cake mix.

The batter is then divided into 6 bowls. We review the primary colors and how to mix primaries to achieve the secondary colors. 

No. We don't lick the bowls! We talk about how raw eggs could make you sick.

I do the layering of each color explaining that you don't want to mix up the colors. Also a great year end lesson to reinforce ROY G BV.....I know I didn't include indigo. I like to only focus on the 6 we need to know now but do tell them that they will learn more in say 4th or 5th grade.

All layered and finished! Now into the oven. We make the cake one morning and then next art class we learn about cake decorating as a career & art form (I like to continually remind students that are is all around us and doesn't only happen with paper and paints!)

Everyone has a chance to try their hand at decorating with frosting. Just like drawing, frosting designs take practice.....but you can eat your mistakes.

This cake was made in a rectangle pan.....I only have so many circular pans & I have 5 second grade classes! It was sooo good and a GREAT way to reinforce art concepts, infuse math & language arts and demonstrate another way art is all around us!